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The House of Bronze specializes in custom Airbrush tanning for both women and men. This is an incredible alternative to the damaging UV rays received by natural tanning or worse indoor tanning beds, not to mention much more sanitary. We give our clients the gorgeous natural bronzed glow that we all are looking for when we want to look slimmer and feel our best. We use only all natural organic and peta approved vegan products that are the best in the industry. We also use quick drying odorless solution and offer a range of options for all different requests. You will not turn orange we promise! The House OF Bronze specializes in being quick and thorough leaving a lasting impression for the client on the go.
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I met Jamie for the first time when she came to my friend’s house to spray tan me while I was here for a visit. She made me feel very comfortable and was easy to talk to, which is pretty hard to do when you’re standing naked in front of a stranger for 15 minutes! She is super professional and fun, and gave me tons of great advice and instructions to keep my tan looking great. I woke up this morning, and like she said, I’m looking bronzed and beautiful! The tan looks extremely natural, not orange at all, and no signs of “that chick totally got a spray tan.” I wish I lived down here so I could have her tan me all the time!
Nicole GPhiladephia PA
Loved my tan while at the river! I was so scared I was going to come out orange but I was far from it! I am so glad I found my new spray tanning place 🙂  
Upland CA
Came to see Jamie to get a tan for Memorial Day Weekend! It was a great first time spray tan and it was a fast and easy experience. Jamie is awesome, made me feel comfortable through the entire session and was just so sweet. Oh! And she put up with me changing my appointment 3 times! I would definitely go back again and also, my tan lasted close to 10 days even after taking daily showers.
Riverside CA
Best. Tan. Ever! I’m Irish and very fair skinned but House of Bronze gives me a natural looking glow without that fake tan look. I am a believer! Prices are fair and Jaymee is very flexible to work with your schedule. I’ve tanned at other places through groupons or yelp deals but House of Bronze is by far the best. I won’t go anywhere else!
Tustin CA
Loving my tan the fabulous miss Jamie gave me! She is wonderful- makes you feel so comfortable and does a great job. I was a skeptic of the spray tan but now I have joined the “bronzed” side. Thank you House of Bronze!
ShawnaEastvale CA
I got a spray from Jamie and it was such a great experience.  I have 8 years of experience doing airbrush tanning myself and Jamie is the first person I have trusted to actually spray myself. I am so glad I did! It was a great experience. The solution is very high quality and the color is extremely natural. I will be getting my future tans from Jamie!
Costa Mesa CA
Jamie is awesome! So down to Earth, caring, and she kicks butt with the spray gun. My tans are a beautiful, natural, deep color, and i don’t get funky hands and feet. Jamie is best. I won’t wear a skirt without The House of Bronze. Thank you Jamie.
Corona, CA