The House of Bronze | About Us
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About Us

The House of Bronze specializes in custom Airbrush tanning for both women and men. This is an incredible alternative to the damaging UV rays received by natural tanning or worse indoor tanning beds, not to mention much more sanitary. We give our clients the gorgeous natural bronzed glow that we all are looking for when we want to look slimmer and feel our best. We use only all natural organic and peta approved vegan products that are the best in the industry. We also use quick drying odorless solution and offer a range of options for all different requests. You will not turn orange we promise! The House OF Bronze specializes in being quick and thorough leaving a lasting impression for the client on the go.

ownersA California Native. Jamie Smith founded The House Of Bronze in 2013 to protect her own skin from harmful and damaging UV rays. After years of basking in the sun and many river trips she decided to save her own skin by spray tanning, always wearing a SPF and spreading the word to help others. Jamie has sprayed a plethora of body types in all shapes and sizes and comes from an extensive background in the service and fashion industry understanding the importance of being professional, building a cliental, following up with her clients to ensure total satisfaction and ensuring them a clean, sterile and safe environment.