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Organic Regular Airbrush Tan 

30.00 shower times 6-8 hours

3-Pack 75.00 (15.00 savings)
6-Pack 140.00 (40.00 savings)
10-Pack 200.00 (100.00 savings)

Organic Rapid Airbrush Tan
45.00 shower times 2 – 4 hours

3-Pack 115.00 (20.00 savings)
6-Pack 210.00 (60.00 savings)
10-Pack 300.00 (150.00 savings)


All Packages expire 1 year from date of purchase

Mobile tanning services

Want to host a Bronzing Bash for your next event?
Bachelorette, Birthday, Prom, Homecoming, Wedding or just get everyone together for fun.
Contact Us for our – location organic spray tanning and package pricing.



The BEFORE your Organic Sunless Glow:

OK, it is going to seem like a lot but, it is really just about being as clean as possible with no additives. This ensures a flawless bronzed glow.
In prepping for your tan you will want to ensure all waxing, sugaring, shaving, manicures and pedicures have been completed.
Waxing and sugaring are best to be completed at least a day or two prior so that your pores have a chance to close, when pores are left open they may show up as tiny pinpoints.
Before arriving at your tan you should exfoliate the body as best you can. This is key to an amazing flawless tan. Eliminating as many dead skin cells as possible is the overall goal leaving your skin fresh and clean (you know your body best) give extra love to those dry areas elbows, knees, feet, etc. Try and avoid bar soap and oil based soaps these tend to leave a patchy residue on your skin.
After showering do not apply any lotion, perfume, oils, or deodorant. These all act as an added barrier against the tanning solution and may keep the solution from adhering to the skin evenly.


** You MAY moisturize your hands and feet ONLY to ensure no discoloration during the spray**

Please wear dark loose fitting clothing to your appointment and flip flops. Examples baggy sweats or pants, maxi dresses, old t-shirts, do not wear anything tight. Bras, Bandeaus, Sports Bras, Yoga Pants, Jeans are all not proper tanning attire please just leave them at home ( you will be uncomfortable and sorry )
When Tanning it is up to you how you choose to go: bare, panties, bathing suit it is completely up to you.





The AFTER for keeping your Tan Glowing strong:

Congratulations you now look slimmer, younger and your skin looks evened out and tightened up!
Depending which solution you have chosen your tan could take anywhere from 3-8 hours to fully develop. In this time you will want to avoid water and any physical activities that may cause you to sweat. Continue to wear loose clothing and ladies avoid a bra if you are able to.
Shower Time: Rinse off with lukewarm water and use your hand to lather yourself up ( no loofahs or washcloths ) when you get out of the shower be sure not to rub but pat yourself dry. Now apply that moisturizer!
Moisturizing daily is key to elongating your new spray tan make sure you are moisturizing at least once a day and if you have dry skin at least two times a day.
Try to avoid chlorinated pools during the life of your tan as chlorine can strip away the product from your skin.




*** Important **

remember to apply a high spectrum SPF sunscreen although you like a bronzed babe or bro, your skin is still highly susceptible to burning as it normally would.