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+ When should I tan?

Anytime you want really! If you are tanning to stay safe and out of the sun and continue to keep yourself bronzed about every 10 days up to 3 weeks. This would include the proper methods of taking care of your skin and include the appropriate products to maintain the longevity of your spray tan. If you are wanting to become a regular at keeping your skin glowing check out our membership program.

+ When should I tan for an event?

If you are tanning for an event, wedding, shower, birthday, vacation, photo session. I recommend anywhere from 1- 3 days prior to the event depending on the overall look you are aspiring for.

+ Is Winter tanning a thing?

Winter tans are my absolute favorite. Why, you ask? Because in those winter months when we are overwhelmed with holidays, family, rainy, gloomy days and we are covered in pale ness a spray tan is just what you need to pop that face through your hoodie. To let your ankles shine through those cute joggers and allow your knees to bask in their glory with your distressed denim jeans. Besides the holiday weight doesn’t seem so bad when you are popping a new glow. The fact is naked looks better tan.

+ How long will my airbrushed tan last?

There are multiple factors that play in to this however, typically your tan will last anywhere from a solid seven days up to two weeks. Lasting results depend on a multitude of things such as; the ph levels in your skin, hydration, moisturizing, daily activities, profuse sweating, lengthy time spent in water and so forth.

+ How can I maintain my tan?

The number one must do is stay hydrated with lots of water, moisturize your skin with a paraben and mineral free lotion, and the appropriate after care to extend the life of your tan. Products are available at your appointment for purchase.

+ How long is an Airbrush session?

The entire process start to finish is approximately 20 minutes. However I do book in 30 minutes increments to allow each client new or seasoned the same amount of time.

+ How long before I can rinse?

Depending on your solution choice you could rinse in as soon as 2 hours or continue baking up to 8 hours before rinsing. Please know that you will see all of the bronzer come off when you shower (THIS IS NORMAL) it is just the bronzer. The solution by this point will have already penetrated into the deeper layers of your epidermis.

+ What can I expect at my appointment?

Everyone does things a bit differently (thats ok). Here at The House Of Bronze upon arrival you will be greeted by me, probably rocking a dope mom bun and some cutoffs or joggers and a coffee in my hand for sure. We will quickly assess your skin tone and go over the look you are trying to achieve. Discuss what you are tanning for and what brought you to us. We will go over tan lines or not and also what to expect during the process in its entirety. Once I have mixed you the perfect cocktail for your skin its time to spray and feel that cool mist bring you back to life.Before you head home I will give you a plethora of knowledge on how to maintain your new crafted skin tone and if it is best for you to have product to maintain your glow you may get that upon your departure.

+ What should I wear?

To your appointment - dark clothes are best as to not stain anything you love, we suggest loose pants and a loose t shirt so that you can stay comfortable. Although dresses, tanks, and shorts are cool we want to stay away from skin on skin while you bake. Do not wear leggings, denim, sports bras, or anything tight.

During your session - This is completely up to you. During your appointment you may go bare, wear panties, or a bathing suit. This all depends on what tan lines or lack there of that you would like. ( Male clients must wear undergarments)

+ Can I get my nails and toes done?

Preferably at least one day before your appointment, you do not want to get a pedicure afterwards and have your feet soaking and being scrubbed. Although that feels amazing it is not best for maintaining an even tan

+ Can I get waxed, sugared or shave?

Yes, shaving at least the day or night before your appointment and waxing and sugaring preferably 48 hours before.

+ Can I work out after?

Nope, even after you rinse your tan is still developing, staying away from extreme perspiration and strenuous activity allows the DHA to completely react with your skins proteins. Give yourself a little 24 hour break your spray tan just took a few pounds off anyways.

+ Can I get my hair done?

Not while you are baking, its best to make your hair appointments not the same day as your airbrush session.

+ What forms payment do you accept?

All of it, no seriously we appreciate cash but want to make your experience smooth and easy. We accept, Cash, Venmo, Credit Cards, & Apple Pay Note- When booking your appointment online you may opt in to use your card as a form of payment by clicking keep card on file