The House of Bronze doesn’t just mean our house!

Now we have two different ways for you to get your glow on at home!


Meet our light and creamy mousse WHIPPED. Fresh scented with light floral notes make this not your typical self tanning product. It may be used as a stand alone self tanner for all over coverage or used paralleled to a fading spray tan. This works for all skin types and gives an all over even coverage without streaking. Walnut extracts provide a flawless brown color and with a higher DHA percentage that its sister BAKED your tan will be deeper.

WHIPPED includes our washable tanning mitt made from plush microfiber to be used over and over for flawless results.


Pump a good amount onto your tanning mitt and apply liberally in a circular motion all over your body. Use any remaining product to gently blend your hands and feet.

Wash hands immediately after application.

Please allow 6-8 hours for full development before rinsing.


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This is our house cocktail to go when you can’t get to us for your tan. This product stands alone as a full body self tanner, may be used in between your appointments for touch ups or facially. A quick mist on the face and you can say good bye to your foundation. With its organic base formula derived from natural ingredients BAKED is paragon and erythrulose free and 100% vegan.


With its easy to use aerosol mist applicator hold 5-6 inches away from your skin and spray all over your body (think hairspray) or spray on heavier and use a blending mitt in a circular motion to even yourself out. If you are unsure patch test your self for color control until you are comfortable.

Be sure to wash your hands after application

Please allow 7-8 hours for full development before rinsing.

You may see bronzer wash off when you rinse that is OK! Your glow will still be there.


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